Amazing Lasers: The Advantages Of Choosing Laser Engraving For Your Timber Projects

Timber is a womnderfully versatile and yielding material for use in engraving projects, and engraved timber products ranging from small signs to full-size double doors add attractive visual distincitveness to many indoor and outdoor areas. However, timber can be engraved using a variety of methods, and while traditional die-cutting methods of timber engraving remain popular, more modern alternatives can offer a number of advantages.

One of the most popular and widely used of these new timber engraving methods is laser engraving, and when you take the many benefits of laser engraving into account it's easy to see why. The following advantages are just some of the ways choosing laser engraving can benefit your timber engraving projects:


Laser engraving and cutting machines are controlled by sophisticated computers running highly advanced software, and are capable of incredible precision and accuracy when engraving letters, numbers and designs into your timber products. The quality of these laser engravings is clearly visible to the naked eye, and gives your products a highly professional finish that makes them ideal for commercial sale.

Easily replicated

Laser engraving is also ideal for commercial-sold timber products because laser engraving machines can replicate a design on hundreds or even thousands of individual pieces of timber identically. Engraving defects are virtually eliminated, ensuring that every one of your customers receives the same, high quality product.


Because the process of laser engraving is controlled by computer oversight, laser engravers can produce fully engraved products very rapidly. Multiple products with identical or similar designs can be engraved in a very short space of time, and can quickly be reprogrammed to create different designs as needed. This rapid turnover allows engraved products to be ordered, manufactured and delivered within a very short time frame, ensuring your products arrive almost as soon as you need them.

Can be used on all types of wood

Some of the more durable types of wood, particularly tropical hardwoods and certain native Australian hardwoods, are highly resistant to being engraved with traditional engraving tools. This difficulty can lead to imperfect engravings, while timbers with unsuitable grain patterns can become torn and weakened by excessive hand engraving. by contrast, laser engraving can be used on even the most robust woods. Because the engravings are created by burning rather than cutting, the grain of your wood will not experience any tearing or other forms of damage.

Environmentally friendly

Despite the high intensity of the lasers used in laser engraving, they are quite environmentally friendly to use; they do not create the large amounts of sawdust and waste timber encountered during traditional engraving, and do not consume large amounts of water like waterjet cutters. This helps you minimise the environmental impact and carbon footprint of your timber engraving projects.