Detailed Look at the Various Kinds of Metal Sheets

Today, sheet metal is one of the most popular materials in the planet. This is because of its reliability and versatility. From complex projects like aeroplane and vehicle manufacture to simple fencing for your home's garden, metal sheets continue to be a part of your life in many ways. If you want to use metal sheets for any of your do-it-yourself at home projects at home, choosing the right type of sheet metal is the first step to doing quality work. Here is a thorough look at the various kinds of sheet metal to help you make the right choice:

Aluminium Sheets

Naturally, aluminium is one of the softest and most workable metals in the fabrication world. It is thus useful for projects that require extremely light-duty sheets, such as furniture covers and tops. However, sometimes you might want to use heavy-duty aluminium for improved strength of whatever you are making. The best choice is for go for aluminium that has been strengthened by secondary means. Most manufacturers and fabricators add other metal elements such as silicon, magnesium and copper to make the aluminium sheets stronger. Notably, the top benefit you will enjoy from aluminium is its ability to stand to corrosion.

Cold Rolled Steel Sheets

Cold rolled steel is one of the many type of steel sheets available in the market. The name is coined from the process involved in making the sheets. Basically, fabricators sandwich the pieces of steel between two rollers. One roller lies on top of the steel pieces while the other one is set on the bottom. Fabricators then apply immense pressure through the rollers so that they can thin the pieces of steel into thin sheets. After that, the sheets are annealed to remove any internal stress on the material and improve its tensile strength.

Perforated Sheet Metals

Just as the name suggests, perforated metal sheets come with holes or perforations. The holes are cut uniformly in round or square shapes to allow one to see through the sheet. Ideally, these types of sheets are common on security screen panels and fences where you may be looking to enhance privacy in a certain area. You can make them from aluminium, stainless steel or bronze.  

Hot Rolled Sheets

Hot rolled are made using the same procure as the cold rolled sheets. The only difference is that the rolling process is done at high temperatures. This process is used for producing very thin sheets.