5 Things You Can Do With an Old Crate

Have you recently received an item in a wooden crate? Are you wondering what to do with that crate? Do you need ideas? Then, check out these suggestions:

Check Out Pinterest Crafts

You can make anything from patio furniture to shelves to foot rests and anything in between with old crates. Pinterest is full of ideas to get you started. You can build with crates on their own, or you can do a deep dive into the world of crafting with pallets combined with crates. In fact, with enough materials, you can decorate and furnish an entire home with these two essentials.

Harvest the Wood

Not up for making crafts directly out of old crates? Then, consider harvesting the wood. You can turn the small pieces of wood from a crate into a range of fun projects, or you can simply use them as fuel in your wood burning oven.

Before burning the crates, however, you may want to check them for any finishes. If you think that toxic pesticides or insecticides have been added to the wood, you may not want to burn them inside. However, they can work outside on a fire as long as you are not cooking over it.

Boost Your Storage Game

Wooden crates offer sturdier storage solutions than cardboard boxes. Consider moving your holiday decor, old clothing, and other items out of the cardboard boxes and into a few crates. Unlike cardboard, these sturdy boxes don't break even if they are at the bottom of a big pile.

For storage, wooden crates also offer some advantages compared to plastic storage bins. In particular, they let your items breathe. If you want to reduce condensation in your boxes, using wood can be helpful.

Ship Items

If the crate was originally used to ship products to you, you can re-use it for that same purpose. Whether you are shipping something for personal reasons or from your business, a crate can offer a sturdy and reliable shipping solution. Note however that crates tend to be heavier than cardboard boxes of the same size. As a result, in exchange for sturdiness, you may pay a bit extra in shipping.

Give It Away

Not interested in the above ideas? Then, don't necessarily throw your crate into a landfill. Instead, put it in front of your house with a "free" sign or list it on an online sales site for free. Lots of people are constantly looking for industrial strength crates, and they may take yours from you.