A stainless steel handrail is perfect for your new home or office

Handrails are often a feature that gets taken for granted. How much time do you really spend thinking about the handrails that help you get around your home or office? Probably not much time at all! Yet, handrails are not just helpful, but they are a vital safety feature that no building designer can afford to overlook. Handrails allow safe movement around a property and in many cases are actually a legal requirement so including the right handrail design in your property is essential.

Stainless steel is the tried and tested choice for handrails in both residential and commercial property, whether you need the handrails to be fitted indoors or outdoors. There are plenty of benefits of stainless steel of using stainless steel for handrails; here are just a few of the most significant advantages.

Value for money

A stainless steel handrail is the most cost effective choice, not just because of the low initial purchase cost, but also the durability of the material gives stainless steel a long working life. Stainless steel is able to withstand extremes of temperature and adverse weather conditions much better than wood, plastic and other alternative materials, so your initial investment will not need to be repeated for many years.

Attractive finish

A stainless steel handrail or a stainless steel balustrade makes an attractive addition to any commercial or residential property. The sleek, contemporary look would complement any modern office design, but would also look superb in a more traditional home setting. The variety of designs that can be achieved with stainless steel are another reason that the material has been a staple of home and office design for many years.

Ease of maintenance

Stainless steel does not require an expensive maintenance regime. There is no need to invest in expensive cleaning products to keep your stainless steel hand looking its best. The handrail only needs to be occasionally polished with a damp cloth to return the rail to gleaming, pristine condition.

The right choice for your property

It doesn't matter whether you want a round handrail, a square handrail, or something with a more intricate detail, a stainless steel handrail is the perfect choice for your building. When fitting your stainless steel handrail why not consider what other stainless steel features you could add to your property? A stainless steel balustrade would be the ideal choice to complement your handrail whatever the design of your building.