Why you need to consider Sheet Metal Fabrication for Medical Equipment

Sheet metal fabrication refers to the process of forming sheets of metal to come up with new metal structures, parts, and machines. During the sheet metal fabrication, several processes are involved to have the end product. When it comes to medical equipment, precision and accuracy is something that can never be negotiated. For this reason, sheet metal fabrication is highly recommended as it fulfils the exact requirements of the medical equipment. Here are some of the reasons why sheet metal fabrication is recommended for medical equipment.

Saves Money

For most hospital owners, one thing that stands out is the fact that the medical equipment used is expensive. As a way of addressing the cost issues that arise, sheet metal fabrication comes handy. As opposed to creating the expensive plastic moulds, the upfront costs for the sheet metal fabrication is affordable. This ensures that one saves time and money as well. When making the medical equipment, sheet metal fabrication entails the same processes every time which includes cutting, forming and finishing. This means that the change in prices of the equipment made from the sheet metal fabrication is minimal or none at times. Often, plastic moulds change for almost every other project and these means a fluctuation of cost.

Time Saving

Sheet metal fabrication is a very seamless process compared to processes such as plastic moulding. For the moulds, they have to go through different stages of revision and changed with the process. For the sheet metal fabrication, the folding and unfolding can be done through CAD design. Further, cutting and reforming when making equipment such as ultrasound machine take only a few minutes.

Capability of More Designs

Using the sheet metal fabrication gives the user a chance to have more design options. Their use in making medical equipment is preferred because they are pliable, bendable and flexible. They are easy to work with as compared to the other materials such as plastic. Having customized requests are also taken care of using the sheet metal fabrication. Some special requests could include embosses and knockouts. These can be fulfilled by making just minor changes to the production process. When one uses plastic enclosures, they will have to resort to the drawing boards and make the necessary changes.


Different from other materials, sheet metal fabrication ensures that materials made are durable. Imagine you need a nuclear medicine cabinet; would you go for any material? Definitely no. To have medical equipment that can sustain high temperatures and are not damaged, sheet metal fabrication is important. The metal itself is collision resistant and has longer life span.

Ensures Aesthetic Appeal

Having beautiful finishes and the detailed designs are significant to the medical equipment purchasing agents. Through sheet metal fabrication, this is achieved. For most of the sheet metal, the finishing is powder coated or given a customized colour.