Aluminium Fabrication: Considerations for Choosing a Suitable Oven for Powder Coating

If you are planning on ordering custom aluminium products, you should think about having the surfaces powder coated. Powder-coated merchandise will attract more customers because of the unique appeal. Also, the finishing process will create a protective layer which will prolong the lifespan of the products. Ideally, you should look for powder coating services from a local company. However, you can also choose to purchase a powder coating oven for onsite finishing. Here are considerations to help you select the right curing equipment.

Curing Technology

When choosing an oven for powder coating, you should compare the curing options in different equipment. There are two primary technologies to evaluate: infrared and convention. The former ovens use infrared heat to heat the plastic powder on the surfaces of the products or equipment parts, creating a resilient coating. This type of oven is well-liked because it uses low energy in comparison to alternatives. This energy efficiency translates into more cost savings for your company.

On the other hand, infrared is inherently light energy. Therefore, a clear line of sight will be required for curing the powder coats because light does not deviate from a straight line. If your products have concealed corners, this oven will not coat properly. Convection ovens are similar to those used in the food industry. Due to the distribution of heat by air, this design does not have the line of sight problem. However, you should remember that the high temperature might alter soft aluminium alloys. Also, the energy consumption is higher.

Oven Size

You should select the right oven size for your powder coating applications. If you choose a small oven, you will be limited in the types and number of products that you can handle. On the other hand, large ovens are expensive and consume a lot of power. Therefore, you should calculate the dimensions of the largest items you will cure in the oven. Also, you should think about the number of units that you would like to coat simultaneously. 


Finally, you should check on the controllers installed in the powder coating oven. Proper controls are critical to ensuring that you can handle different products and materials apart from aluminium merchandise. There are analogue and digital temperature controls, but you should choose the latter for optimal performance. If you have selected a convection oven, you should inquire about equipment with adjustable air velocities.

Powder coating can be a complicated and time-consuming process. Therefore, where possible, you should choose professional aluminium finishing.