Three Crucial Issues Influencing the Efficiency of Your Industrial Turnkey Projects

If you are planning on acquiring new equipment for your industrial operation, you should consider choosing turnkey solutions. In general, a turnkey engineering project will allow your company to make an order for your plant machinery, and the desired solution will be delivered to you in its completed form. This process will ensure the efficiency of product manufacturing by cutting the amount of onsite construction. Consequently, there will be minimal disruption of your normal industrial operations. On the other hand, it is important to note that some issues can interfere with the optimal success and efficiency of the engineering process. Here are the most critical factors that you should discuss with your turnkey solutions company to avoid future complications.

Machinery Design

You should be clear on the design of the desired equipment when making an order for your industrial operational solution. In general, you can order custom or semi-custom machinery to suit your requirements, depending on your budget, preferences and applications of the equipment. Regardless of your needs, you must make a decision on the design before commissioning the work. Unfortunately, numerous companies compromise the efficiency of the acquisition of the solution by changing the specifications of the equipment at the middle of the project. This unexpected change affects the efficiency of the entire manufacturing process. Therefore, you should have an extensive discussion with your designers and engineers before making an order.


You should ensure that you have set a reasonable timeline for the delivery of your turnkey solution. In simple terms, you cannot expect the delivery of the industrial equipment shortly after making an order, unless you want ready-made setups to be installed. By setting a good timetable, you can avoid collision with your engineering company. Also, you can plan for the installation with more efficiency. It is important to choose a service provider with efficient project management services. Turnkey machinery construction requires significant supervision and reporting to ensure that the timeline is not violated.

Cost Restrictions

Finally, you should note that the budget can interfere with the success of your turkey project. Therefore, you should dedicate considerable time to calculating the financial consequences of ordering your industrial equipment. You must make sure that you have sufficient capital or external financing to cover the entire engineering process to prevent inconveniences for both your business and the manufacturer. If you are ordering expensive industrial solutions, you might be required to handle the expenses in stages. Therefore, you should also match your business cash flow with the manufacturing process.