4 Kinds of Mailing Tubes for Different Applications

The range of options of mailing tubes can be overwhelming to an inexperienced person who doesn't know the best application for the different varieties of tubes available. This article discusses some basic information on mailing tube types that can help such inexperienced people to narrow down their options when they are selecting mailing tubes to buy.

1. White Mailing Tubes

White mailing tubes are made from premium paper. They are ideal for shipping light valuables, such as small blueprints and posters. These mailing tubes are attractive and lightweight. The tubes come with end caps that can be snapped on easily and will remain in place until the mailing tube is delivered to its destination.

2. Kraft Paper Tubes

Kraft paper tubes are an excellent option for people who are looking for a cost-effective way to package their items. Kraft paper mailing tubes are made from recycled paper and are therefore eco-friendly. This type of mailing tube is suitable for people who would like to store their items (rather than mail them). Kraft paper mailing tubes are also good for shipping larger items, such as artwork and larger blueprints. This is because you will spend less to get larger tubes for your application. Kraft paper tubes come in ordinary and heavy duty versions to suit different needs.

3. Coloured Mailing Tubes

Coloured mailing tubes are also available for those who would like to make their packages stand out when they are delivered. These tubes are good for people who are sending gifts or distributing marketing materials. The tubes come in a huge array of sizes and colours to suit different tastes and preferences. The ends can also be sealed off in different ways. For example, the ends can be pinched or an end cap can be used to seal the tube.

4. Telescoping Mailing Tubes

Are you interested in mailing tubes you can reuse? Do you want a mailing tube that can hold an item with non-standard dimensions? Telescoping tubes are the mailing tubes for such situations. They are very strong and won't crush as your item is being shipped. Their length and width can be adjusted to accommodate bigger or smaller items. You can seal them with a cap or your own label.

As you can see, there is a mailing tube that is suitable for nearly every need. Consider ordering custom mailing tubes in case any of those available off the shelf cannot serve your purpose.