Two ways to increase the efficiency levels in an industrial manufacturing facility

There are a number of steps that the owners of industrial manufacturing businesses can take to increase the efficiency levels in their facilities. Read on to find out what these steps are.

Fit PVC swing doors

Employees who work in a manufacturing facility often have to transport materials from one part of the building to another. During these journeys, they will usually have to pass through multiple doors.

If the doors in the facility feature standard lever handles and as a result of this, can only be opened and closed by manually pressing down on these handles, these employees may struggle to move the materials in a quick and efficient manner.

The reason for this is as follows; if, for example, an employee is using a pallet truck to move a collection of heavy goods and they have to pass through one of these doors, they will have to perform a series of actions before they can proceed.

In this situation, they would have to stop using the equipment, walk over to the door and press down on the handle, walk back to the equipment, move it through the door and then stop a second time, so that they can shut the door before they continue with the rest of their journey.

If they need to pass through three or four doors to get where they need to go, the laborious process of opening and shutting them could significantly increase the length of time it takes to transport the materials.

This is why it is a good idea for industrial manufacturers to fit PVC swing doors in their facilities. If an employee needs to pass through a door of this kind and they are using a pallet truck to transport some materials, all they have to do is lightly press the door with the forks of their equipment and it will open easily. After they have walked through it, the door will then swing shut without the employee having to manually close it.

This could drastically increase the speed with which employees are able to transport items around the facility. This, in turn, could improve the facility's overall efficiency levels.

Purchase high capacity forklifts

As mentioned above, manually-operated pallet trucks are frequently used to move goods around an industrial facility. Whilst this type of equipment is ideal for transporting smaller loads, it is not suitable for situations in which an employee needs to move large quantities of bulky items.

If an employee has no other option than to use a small pallet truck to transport a large volume of materials from one area of the facility to another, they may need to make multiple trips back and forth in order to complete this task.

In addition to being very physically demanding, this process could be extremely time-consuming and could affect the rate at which these materials are processed, which could then have a negative impact on the facility's efficiency levels.

To prevent this problem from arising, those who own manufacturing facilities should invest in high capacity forklifts, which are both big enough and strong enough to hold a large number of heavyweight, bulky items. This equipment will enable employees to quickly move substantial amounts of materials in a single trip, which should then help to ensure that there are no delays in the processing of these materials. This should, in turn, boost the manufacturing facility's efficiency levels.