Metal Fabrications: Three Crucial Considerations for Aluminium Grade Selection

Aluminium is an excellent material for commercial metal fabrications. This option is favourable because it is resistant to corrosion. This stability can be attributed to the layer of oxide which forms naturally on the metal surface. Aluminium is also relatively strong. So, it can be used in diverse applications. Also, this material is quite attractive and highly machinable. However, you should remember that there are different aluminium grades on the market.

4 Important Reasons to Choose Fibreglass Scaffolding Over Steel

Steel is probably the most common and certainly the most traditional choice for scaffolding, and it works well for most jobs. However, steel is being slowly replaced by more advanced materials. Fibreglass is a good example, and here are just four important reasons why fibreglass scaffolding is well worth considering instead of steel. 1. Non-Conductive Far and away the most widely-cited benefit of fibreglass scaffolding is that it doesn't conduct electricity.