Solving Your Chilled Water Transfer Problems the Easy Way

If you need to transport heated or chilled water around your premises for cooling or other purposes, then the easiest way to do this is to use pre-insulated pipes. A pre-insulated pipe will maintain the temperature of the water so that it is not influenced by the air temperature of the areas through which it passes through until it arrives at its destination. Pre-insulated pipes offer a safe, cost-effective solution to your chilled water transfer needs. They are ideal for businesses seeking an energy conscious and fuel efficient answer to their commercial, industrial or domestic needs. As the pre-insulated pipe allows the water to remain at exactly the right temperature, it will be ready for immediate use when it reaches its destination, whether you need it for district cooling or any other industrial use; the pipe brings the water to the right place, at the right temperature.

Pre-insulated pipes are a simple solution

One of the greatest advantages of using pre-insulated pipes is that they are lightweight and flexible, which makes them simple to fit on even the most crowded site. They can be quickly worked around any buildings or natural features that are blocking their path, and therefore they can be fitted with little disturbance to the surrounding area. Most contractors should have a comprehensive range of fittings and pipes available so that even the most complex chilled water pipe system can be created without difficulty.

Do you have a challenging environment?

In most locations, it is possible to create a water transfer system using standard pre insulated pipes, but there are always going to be situations that require something beyond the standard. For situations that need a unique water transfer solution, it is possible have pipes prefabricated to match your site-specific requirements. Whether you need help with aboveground cooling, underground cooling, district cooling or chilled water mains, a pre insulated pipe is the most effective way of achieving exactly what you need.

If you are unsure exactly how a chilled water pipe system would work in your environment, then it would be helpful to discuss with a qualified engineer what the most effective solution would be for your site. They will be able to advise you on the best way to deal will the unique challenges posed by your environment and to explain exactly what will be needed to bring your chilled water exactly where you need it.